Mission Learning

While at Curry College, I have taken many courses that have prepared me for my career in Information Technology. All the classes I have taken reflect the college's mission statement. One part of the mission statement talks about mentoring their students. For me, this part was completed when I completed my internship with the tech center at the college...(See the document Mission Learning for the full sample)

Personal Mission of Technology

My mission is to harness the power of technology to enhance my life and contribute positively to the world. I aim to balance embracing technological advancements and maintaining a mindful and ethical approach to their use. Principles of responsible consumption, continuous learning, and the pursuit of meaningful connections will guide my interactions with technology... ( See the Document Personal Technology for the full sample)

Structured Programming

Hello, my name is Michael Tempesta. I am currently completing my degree in Information Technology. I started my education in IT at Bunker Hill Community College, where I obtained my associate degree in IT and a bunch of stackable certificates within my major. From there, I attended Curry College, where I am finishing up my degree. I started working in 2015 at Staples as a Technology Sales associate, where I helped customers with all their technology questions and needs...( See the Document Minute for the full sample)